With Banker Jr., kids can learn now and save it for later.

Welcome to a mobile solution that's made for kids and your bank too.
Just a few of the features…

  • A brand-able mobile application for your bank or credit union.
  • Kids track their account at your financial institution in a fun
    and interactive way.
  • Games for teaching kids financial literacy.
  • An easy way to tap into your up-and-coming audience via a
    non-traditional channel.
  • Brings your brand to kids through a channel they're already
    using every day: mobile.
  • Expands the reach of your mobile banking presence.
Splash screen

Your bank logo and main bank color will be in the application's register wherever you see Magenta.

Home screen

Your bank logo and color throughout the register experience. Easy to use, kid friendly buttons and look.

Account screen

Kids and Parents can track accounts at your financial institution and use the register for virtual allowance accounts. Kids can also enter a goal and track their progress while learning to save.

Congratulations messaging

Gives recognition and encourages kids to keep saving each time they make a deposit or withdraw. Little Piggums even does a flip to show the excitement of saving!