With Account Sync, parents can link their youth savings accounts at your financial institution directly to the Banker Jr. or Member Jr. app. Account Sync creates the first mobile banking app designed specifically for children.

How does it work?

Adding Banker Jr.or Member Jr. Account Sync is an optional module within your Banker Jr. app.  For those with Account Sync, Parents will see a Sync icon in their password protected parent portal, which they can use to securely link each of their children’s youth savings accounts to their Banker Jr.or Member Jr. user account.

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What does it do?

Banker Jr. or Member Jr. Account Sync allows children to see their Youth Savings transactions and balance held at your financial institution. Children can reconcile their Banker Jr. virtual account register to their actual transaction data.

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Do families have to use Account Sync?

Banker Jr. or Member Jr. will not require Account Sync to work.  Kids can still enjoy the games, chores, goal setting and other great features of the Banker Jr. or Member Jr. app without taking advantage of the Account Sync features.

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Is it secure?

Yes! HT Mobile Apps does not store any identifying account information or login credentials.   Any account related information, is tokenized and transferred securely using industry standard HTTPS encryption.

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Will our kids app be COPPA compliant?

Banker Jr. and Member Jr. have and will always be compliant with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.  As parents ourselves, we take the safety of our users very seriously.  That is why to even get started on the app, we require an adult to register.

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Youth financial literacy… easily.

‘Tying our Banker Jr. by Southeast Bank app to real accounts will be great.  I think it’ll encourage kids to save more of their money when they can watch the balance grow,” shared Tanya Ickowitz, Director of Communication and Branding at Southeast Bank in Tennessee.

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A Sneak Peek of Account Sync.

“Banker Jr. was created to help families learn about money through fun.  Parents and financial institutions were frequently asking us to add ‘real’ account data into the app, so we felt Account Sync was a natural extension to enhance the learning experience of Banker Jr.”

Kathleen Craig, HT Mobile Apps founder and former banker.

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We’d love to talk with you!

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