First Arkansas Bank & Trust Launches Plinqit

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First Arkansas Bank & Trust is excited to announce an agreement to be the first bank in Arkansas to offer Plinqit to customers. Plinqit is a mobile money saving tool and financial education platform created by Michigan based HT Mobile Apps. It provides an easy way for people to save money using automated transfers into their Plinqit account held at First Arkansas Bank & Trust. Plinqit rewards users for reaching their saving goals, referring friends to save, and viewing educational content that will put users on the road to financial freedom.
Plinqit is a fintech application that moves the Bank into a new savings arena that will attract millennials and digital customers and offer them a fun and innovative way to save.
First Arkasas Bank & Trust rolled out Plinqit to their employees in April with great success. Plinqit is now available to customers of First Arkansas Bank & Trust as well as the general public at

You can learn more about Plinqit and start saving towards your goals at

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