Insights from the ABA Marketing Conference in Nashville.

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Our founder, Kathleen, was in Nashville presenting It’s a Millennial World, at this year’s the American Banker’s Association Marimg_0896keting Conference.  It was great to connect with old friends and meet new ones.

Here are a few highlights and key takeaways from the sessions she was able to attend.

Have you checked your LinkedIn score?

Debra Jasper (@debrajasper) from Mindset Digital did an awesome keynote on being authentic to who you are in your social media.  If you are looking for a good laugh look up the Smart Car’s epic video response to a Twitter joke about bird poop totalling one of their cars. Click Here.

She also shared with us how you can get your “Social Selling Score” or SSI via LinkedIn. Get yours here.

She says 67 is a good score for banking.

There is not yet an Uber of Banking, and may never be.

In her session on all things Millennial and #FinTech, Kathleen talked about the billions of dollars being invested from would be distruptors of banking.  There has been a lot of buzz in recent years about how the branch is dying, and the Uber of banking is right around the corner.

While things are changing and evolving faster then they ever have, we do not believe today there is an “Uber of banking”.

Almost every Mobile First start up bank has either sold to a traditional bank or has had to change strategies as they couldn’t find their footing.

As a #FinTech company ourselves, HT has always partnered with banks versus trying to go around them.

There is a very popular but very incorrect feeling out there that banks and bankers are not innovative, but we have always innovated.  We have had to, in fact, bankers are some of the most innovative people we know, but we are also highly regulated and dealing with very complex systems and networks and therefore change takes time.

It seems the rest of the #FinTech world is starting to get on board with this path and now collaboration is becoming the new buzzword where disruption used to be.

A little side note for us all to remember as we watch these would be disruptors – underneath every single #FinTech company guess what there is… a bank or credit union just like yours!

Analytics are Key.img_0875 

Hunter Young, Steven Simpson and Adam Smith did a great session on the importance of Data.

Being able to access your data to measure your activities and track them back to results is key and complex.  We have so many disjointed systems tracking things in different places.

Start small and with what will make the most impact.



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