Do You Know Who Your Competitors Really Are?

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Our Founder & CEO, Kathleen Craig, was recently published on ABA’s Bank Marketing website. In her article, Do You Know Who Your Competitors Really Are?, she talks about the role fintechs are playing and why financial institutions need to view them as competitors.


For years now, we’ve all heard the warnings that the end of days is coming for banks. So far, though, the “Amazon moment” in banking has not been right around the corner. That said, no one would deny that change is happening in our industry at a pace we have not yet seen.

Consumer and business expectations have changed. And these changes are raising the expectations of the way they want to interact with all companies they work with—which includes their bank.

And while it still seems unlikely that the Amazon moment is happening in banking (yet), there are very strong companies trying to chip away at pieces of your business a bit at a time.

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