Teach them, entertain them, and bring your world to them.

Made for kids, but made for banks too.

It’s made for kids but it’s made for banks too. Banker Jr. is a brand-able mobile application designed to expand your Mobile Banking footprint. It makes banking fun, teaches good saving habits, illustrates financial learning, encourages giving, and it puts your bank at the center of it all.

Our app + your brand.

Banker Jr. allows our app to feature your brand for kids and parents alike.

Go directly to kids.

Kids are already using mobile, so why not use it to put your brand in their hands?


It’s financial fun.

Kids track their account at your bank in a fun, fresh, and interactive way.

Extend your reach.

No matter how mobile your bank is, Banker Jr. expands your mobile footprint.


Reach tomorrow’s customers.

It’s an easy way to tap into your up-and-coming audience in a non-traditional way.

Youth financial literacy. Easily.

Banker Jr. helps to fill the void, and we can help you do even more.


Join the community.

  • “Dad helped me count the money in my jar so we could add it to my pig account”

  • “I am so thankful my bank has an app that my child can use to have fun and learn something”

    SUSAN SMITH Mother

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See the world of Banker Jr.

Featuring your brand, Banker Jr. becomes a world of financial learning and fun.
Contact us for a demo. We’d love to learn more about your bank.

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