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Youth Acquisition

Youth Acquisition

Need to reach, and teach, your youth audience?

We can help you make a comprehensive program to educate families at key life stages, mixed with products and digital touch points. We’ll research competitive markets, share industry best practices, brainstorm name and logo opportunities, help you create marketing materials, and bring our Kids Financial Literacy App to your customers. We’ll also help you craft an on-going touch point strategy, so the kids you reach today will become account holders tomorrow.

eServices Strategy

eServices Strategy

Need to find the right mix of digital channels & traditional banking?

With our deep industry knowledge, we’ll help you design an e-services program that will greatly improve business results. By creating a comprehensive plan for all of your online services, we can greatly improve the performance of your existing programs and create new ones too. Our plan will provide a roadmap that will guide the development of your eService offerings and eliminate the chaos that can result from poor planning.

Mobile Strategy & Implementation

Mobile Strategy & Implementation

Need help reaching beyond your branches?

Our consultative approach will help you explore creative solutions, and then use them to meet your mobile awareness goals. Understanding your marketplace, knowing your customers, exploring customized options just for you, and creating a mobile strategy right for you… that’s our goal. We tackle big challenges, discover new opportunities, and provide the services that will help you define and refine your product ideas for the new world of banking: mobile.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Need ongoing support once your action plan is in place?

Our team is steadfastly focused on providing the support you need, well after your mobile strategy is in place. From bug fixing to major app overhauls, from adding features to reaching new customers, from post-launch marketing to user tutorials, we’ll support you and your customers throughout the process. From acquisition, to engagement, to retention, we’re here for you during every phase of your mobile banking journey.

Free Samples

Whether you’re expanding your mobile presence, expanding your eServices team, or gearing up for Apple Pay, check out the PDFs below for some help figuring out where to start.

eServices Roadmap

Do you have your plan for eServices documented?

Having a plan for your customer facing technology is critical in this fast paced digital world.  By documenting your roadmap everyone in your organization from the board of directors to the front line knows where you are headed.

Download the PDF now.

Social Media Scorecard

Are you currently tracking your social media efforts?

We are all using social media, but have you stopped and evaluated if those efforts are paying off or taking the right approach? Download our easy to use Social Media Scorecard to start evaluating today!

Download the PDF now.

Teach Children to Save

Are you joining in the fun to Teach Children to Save in 2018?

Whether your starting small and asking your coworkers to post an educational message on their social media or your team is visiting dozens of schools, we thought you could use a few tips and educational messages to share!

Download the PDF now.

Back to School Tips

Fresh Financial Education Ideas to Fill Your Pocket Folders

Working in the financial education space, we get to see all kinds of amazing activities community banks and credit unions are doing to help families teach children to be smart about money.

Here are a few of our favorite financial education and community outreach ideas to give you some fresh ideas for the coming school year.

Download the Word document now.

Mobile Banking Checklist

Are you meeting your mobile banking needs?

If you’re creating your own mobile banking presence use our free checklists to get a head start in understanding how to craft a great experience for your customers.

Download the PDF now.

Mobile Website Checklist

Are you asking the right questions?

If you’re creating a new mobile web presence, use our free checklist to get a head start in understanding how to craft a great experience for your customers.

Download the PDF now.

Gearing up for Apple Pay

Are you ready for Apple Pay?

If your bank is approved by Apple or is on the waiting list and getting closer, here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of this partnership.

Download the PDF now.

eServices Job Description

Are you hiring a new eServices team member?

If you’re planning on expanding your team with an eServices role, here is a sample job description that you can use to find the ideal candidate to join you.

Download the PDF now.

“Kathleen helped us develop our mobile banking implementation strategy. From the internal excitement, to training, to the external marketing campaign, her expertise made our launch seamless.”

Julie Goll, CEO, Blissfield State Bank

Meet Kathleen

Entrepreneur, strategist, customer service expert, leader


Kathleen Craig, Founder and CEO of HT Mobile Apps, has over a decade of customer service experience.

She began her career in the restaurant industry, working in leadership for Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, a local food institution that was named Inc. Magazine’s Coolest Small Company in America. During her time at Zingerman’s, she traveled through the Midwest consulting on topics including customer service, supervising, visioning, and organizational change.

Kathleen then served as the Vice President of eServices at a Michigan based community bank, bringing her leadership, training and customer service talents to the $900 million dollar institution. Her entrepreneurial spirit drove countless organizational changes including a comprehensive customer feedback program, technology project implementations, social media strategy and local charitable events. Her experience at the bank led her to national speaking engagements on Mobile Banking technology.

Receiving accolades at each company she has worked, she was notably Chairman’s Club Recipient for internal service at United Bank & Trust and won several service awards during her time at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor.

Kathleen’s passion for technology, children and financial education finally led her to the development of HT Mobile Apps and their first product, Banker Jr, launched in January 2013.

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