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Our Latest Webinars


NYIB Presents Pinqit by HTMA.

NYIB hosted a webinar with Kathleen Craig of HT Mobile Apps and Zach Eychaner of 4Front Credit Union sharing how the past several years they have been focused on adult financial education through their goal based saving product Plinqit and how it is working at 4Front Credit Union.

To learn more about NYIB, their website is found here: http://www.nyib.org


Leveraging Personalized Content to Expand Member Relationships.

Koren Greubel of West Community Credit Union and Zach Eychaner of 4Front Credit Union discuss ways that they have been successful in leveraging key data about their members to provide highly personalized messaging and engagement with them in order to deepen those relationships and provide true value to members.


Three Community Bank Executives Share the Role of Digital in their Unique Growth Strategies.

HTMA is excited to bring three highly-regarded, community bank leaders to the ‘virtual table’ to share their thoughts on the new banking environment and how it will impact digital strategy and bank growth over the next 12 to 18 months.


Ideas And Tips To Building Your Bank’s Youth Program.

Youth Savings Club and Life Cycle Marketing expert Crystal Boyer shares how First State Community Bank has invested in their Junior Savers Club. From Junior Savers Directors, to events, to their participation in Financial Literacy Month, Crystal shares some great best practices, key metrics they use, programs that they have launched and fun ideas to help your bank as you think about your youth strategy.


Growing Your Youth Membership With Best Practices From Altra Federal Credit Union.

Youth Program expert Danielle Anderson shares how Altra Federal Credit Union continues to grow and evolve their investment in the next generation of members. From their Youth Committee, to their focus on teaching teens their digital products so they don’t leave Altra when they graduate high school and start college – learn about best practices, key metrics, programs they’ve launched and fun ideas to help your credit union develop a youth strategy.

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